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Self Explosion Bottle -Transparent Coca Cola Bottle -U251 -RM35.00

This is a great magic trick which will blow up your spectator mind and has been performed by many magician, including but not limited to Penn & Teller, Keith Barry,and James T Clark.

No skill is required to perform this trick! No magnet, no string, no pull, no mechanics of any kind!

The spectator is encouraged to inspect a bottle to make sure that it is solid. She knocks the bottle against the table to show it is virtually indestructible.

The magician takes the bottle and put a little nail into the bottle. He shakes the bottle and suddenly it explores while he is concentrated on it.

The shocked looks on your spectator s face and your audience s reactions will be unbelievable!

If you are looking for an absolutely solid reputation-maker and one that will leave them talking about you for a long time, Self Explosion Bottle is the effect for you!

This trick was using a special gimmick bottle. It has great external strength and the exterior is generally strong enough that one can pound a nail into a wood, using the bottle as a hammer.

Supplied complete with 6 special bottles and and explanation video (Plexiglas isolation chamber is not included).