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Vision Purse –U327 –RM63.00

Vision Purse MAGICALLY expands the possibilities of your coin magic routine.
Even if you are new to coin magic, VISION PURSE makes you a COIN Master!

Magician introduces a purse that has a transparent window on its front side.
There is absolutely nothing inside the purse.
Magician retrieves three coins from pocket.
Now, one coin vanishes in magician’s hand, and the vanished coin magically jumps into the purse.
The next coin also vanishes, and then appears in the purse. Finally all coins jump into the purse!!

Here are some routines of Vision Purse that has unlimited potential.
The Coin you retrieve from the purse completely vanishes!
Small Coin transforms into a Jumbo Coin.

Coins of any currency are available with Vision Purse.

Wallet is very well made, made of real leather. All handmade by artisans.

You can use any size coin that fits into the purse, such as Morgan Silver Dollar, Half Dollar, Quater, Euro coins, English Penny, Japanese 500 yen, etc….