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Twin Dove in Balloon – Remote Control -T276 -RM667.00

A see-thru wooden framework in the shape of birdhouse atop tripod on stage, the magician shows up with a ballon and blow it up. He then Places the ballon inside the birdhouse and the ballon is in full view. He takes a spike or any sharp object and pops the ballon, bang! Suddenly two live doves appear in the place of the ballon.

Or the ballon is blown up and left alone inside the house, magician doesnot touch it, just walk away, but with a magic snap, bang! the ballon bursts in an instant. The ballon transforms into two live doves.

You can perform this effect completely surrounded .

Completes with the tripod, wooden birdhouse,mini remote control and Detailed video Instructions

You prepare 23A 12V & 9V alkaline batteries, doves and the ballon.