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Up Levitation -C211 -RM18.00

A deck of cards cuts itself by levitation to reveal a spectator’s selected card or to magically find your favorite four of a kind.

If you have ever wanted to perform a levitation close up and personal, without the many drawbacks of prior methods, NOW YOU CAN!

• No more threads
• No more magnets
• No more gimmick decks (YES you can just as easily use a borrowed deck!)

Michael Boden and Troy Hooser are releasing the UP LEVITATION gimmick to the magic community with the realization of… yes a levitation that looks this good… can easily be accomplished by the everyday performer. The gimmick’s brilliant design takes the worry out of “is this a levitation I will actually use?”

The UP LEVITATION gimmick has been designed to be worry free of extensive set ups or concealment. Now you can use a normal deck of cards that has been in play or even borrow one, without having to worry about how difficult it is to get in and out of the effect.