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Jumpink -U144 -RM42.00

Rizki Nanda from Indonesia is a true close up magic master. We are please to finally have permission to teach is technique. This technique will allow you to do an incredibly visual magic trick: move permanent ink on a pack of chewing gum.

For quite a while now, we have been searching for the ideal material for this magic trick. We finally solved it, and started perfecting and street testing it. Now we are finally ready to present to you: JumpINK

This is what you can do :
You borrow a packet of gum from your audience member . You (or the spectator) then put a big bold X on one of the sections.
You then take this pack of gum, and then openly make that mark tovisibly jump to another compartment. It travels right over the whole pack, and ends up on the top. Now you can give the pack back to your spectator, and they can check it out as completely as they want to; there’s nothing to find.