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Anything Floats –U008 -RM39.00

ay audiences have always been fascinated with any illusion that has to do with fire, birds or other animals, and of course anything that floats!

Imagine being able to borrow random objects from a spectator and float it right then and there, on the spot, close up or on stage at any time during your act.

Imagine borrowing such random objects as a deck of cards, a book, a pack of cigarettes, a cell phone etc, and without preparing or altering the object you can can make the item float in mid air seemingly with no visible means of support. The object can remain suspended in mid air as you wave your hands all around the floating object, or you can have the object levitate up and off of your hand in full view and slowly float towards and into your other waiting hand. And then imagine ending completely clean and being able to instantly hand the object back to your spectator for examination with nothing in your hands or on the object, and nothing for the spectator to find.

ANYTHING FLOATS is a new concept created from the inventive mind of Peter Loughran who has created over 50 original effects and illusions for magicians all over the world. ANYTHING FLOATS allows you to end completely clean! It allows you to use random borrowed objects that need no preparation whatsoever, and uses no traditional methods such as threads, strings or magnets, so you never worry about a thread breaking again!

-ANYTHING FLOATS uses no threads, or magnets to suspend and levitate the objects.
-Objects may be borrowed and immediately handed back to the spectator to examine.
-No preparation needs to be done to the borrowed object.
-You end completely clean!
-Great for stage, parlor, street, and even close up.
-The simple easy to use system may be set up in multiple ways allowing you to create different floating effects that can cater to your own personal preferences.
-Its ready to go at all times and can be repeated.

Stunning visual magic great for stage or even in close up situations.