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Million Butterflies -T160 -RM 26.00

Revolutionary vision mixes realistic beauty with the ultimate in elegance!

The butterfly can be folded very thinly, and then it pops up on your finger tip quickly, as if it is alive.

The handling is almost the same as Million Flowers, so it is very easy to handle.

Production from your hand or other magic props… there are a Million ways to use “Million Butterflies”.

It is also a nice idea to combine this effect with “Butterfly Snowstorms” (sold separately).

There are 2 different sizes available for Million Butterflies, Regular and Large.
Please make sure to verify the size you are ordering.

(Regular size)
Comes with 10 butterflies. (5 colors x 2 butterflies for each color).
The size is good for palming, though each remains big enough to use as production item.

Comes with the butterflies and a DVD. (The DVD is made for the Regular size of Million Butterflies.) Please provide your own silk.