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Super Walking Knot – High Quality White -T258 -RM90.00

Incredible! Unbelievable! Real Magic! These are the words audiences use when they see this inexplicable rope miracle.
Super Walking Knot has been used by leading professionals the world over. It is easy, mystifying and most importantly, ENTERTAINING!

There is no lengthy set-up, no bulky props. Nothing is added or taken away. It’s all done right out in the open. Great VISUAL MAGIC!

The performer stretches a length of rope across the stage tying each end to a chair. The rope is cut anywhere a spectator selects. The rope is definitely shown to be cut in two pieces. No fake ends here.

The two pieces are tied together and the knot is now slid along the rope to another spot selected by the audience. The knot is untied and the rope shown to be in TWO PIECES!

Again the rope sections are tied together and the knot slid to a new position, again determined by the spectators. There is no force. The rope is again untied at this new position.

An incredible illusion without the slightest bit of cover.

Finally, the rope is restored to one long length, exactly the same size it was at the beginning!