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Thimbles Multicolor Set – Double Layer -T267 -RM6.00

Amazing magic that can even be seen from a distance!

Pro Thimbles Set will allow you to perform the most incredible magic with ordinary-looking finger thimbles. Vividly colored, these thimbles can be made to instantly appear and disappear at your fintertips, or multiply on each finger until your hand is full! You can perform multiplications, vanishes, color changes, penetrations and multi-colored productions! This is the complete 16 thimble set!
Pro Thimbles Set are specially designed to fit comfortably on your fingertips. The set is made up of eight pairs of thimbles, with one thimble nested inside its matching color. See the red thimble in the photo above. Two nested thimbles will look like a single thimble to your audience, and gives you the ability to “multiply” thimbles on your fingertips. You can also use the thimbles separately, so with this set you can perform all of the classic thimble routines and more.

Comes with four pairs of white, and one pair each in blue, yellow, red, and green. Complete with printed instructions booklet, the routine included in the instructions is fantastic!

What you’ll get:
eight pairs of thimbles (16 thimbles total)- two blue, two yellow, two green, two red, eight white
printed instructions

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