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Dis Armed -T103 -RM119.00

One-Person Portable Illusion!

Force 2 Solid metal Blades thru your arm. First you ZIG-ZAGGED your assistant, then SAWED

her in two, IMPALED her and CHOPPED OFF HER HEAD
Why not mutilate yourself for a change?
Place your arm in this box and show both sides.
Now slowly insert the two aluminum blades through your arm.
Unlock the latch and open the box! Close and lock the box, now remove the blades.
Is your arm in tact? Indeed it is, and the box is left completely examinable.

The Cabinet opens on hinges and separates your arm in TWO!
Cabinet measures 14″ x 5″ x 4″
One-Person Illusion that
NO Mirrors or Fake hands
Beautifully lacquered in blue.