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MODOSU is the most recent street style effect from Sean Scott! It is a continuation in the organic line of effects (Ki & BANDARIZUMU) from the Art of Sean Scott.

A crushed can is found lying in the close vicinity and signed on top with a spectator’s initials. The performer tosses the object to the ground and suddenly stomps his foot down on top of it. As the foot is lifted immediately, the can is seen to visually morph into a restored & sealed beverage! The performer slowly lifts the can from the ground and displays the spectator’s initials still on top of the can. It is wiped clean and given to the spectator to open and consume if desired. MODOSU uses a specially designed & fabricated gimmick.


  • Instant repeat
  • Performer can show soles of shoes after the effect
  • Includes gimmick to produce can, ready to use in 15 minutes
  • Use your own shoes, no permanent or complicated alterations
  • Effect can also be used to switch other items: cards, coins, etc.
  • Includes DVD covering all elements of effect, along with bonus ideas
  • Minimal assembly required