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Coin Pail -O015 -RM213.00

An extremely smart-looking champagne bucket style pail, made of chrome plated metal is displayed. There is a knob and ring on each sid of the pail. These knobs are the coin holders, designed to hold twelve coins in each holder, twenty-four coins total. The holders are spring loaded and require only a fingertip touch to release one coin at a time into the pail. The pail is 18.5cm high and 18cm  at the top diameter and 14.5cm at the base of the unit. The performer shows the pail to be empty. He reaches into the air and coin appears at his fingertips. The coin is thrown into the pail with a clang. This action is repeated until all twenty-four coins are produced. The performer can walk through the audience producing coins from various places, etc. No skill is required. This is a precision-made quality product. Note: No coins are supplied with this pail.

The most important feature of this bucket is the realistic coin “clink” sound. With this pail the coins can be heard in the largest hall, nite-club or auditorium.