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Electric Shock Pen -Y029 -RM6.00

You hand your friend a normal looking ballpoint pen. With a calm look on his face and the haughty nonchalance of an experienced pen user he prepares to write? SHOCK!!! The pen goes flying; a look of terror overtakes his countenance; the room erupts in laughter.

Invariably somebody in the room wasn?t paying attention and misses the joke? ?Hey, what?s everybody laughing at?? You say nothing and hand him/her the pen.

There are many shock pens on the market and we have seen and tested many. What we look for is a pen that will deliver time and time again and is made to last. We also have found that this pen packs a real punch at shock time! Do not settle for imitations! This is the MOTHER OF ALL ELECTRIC SHOCK PENS!

Battery is included to get you started.