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Torn 2 Pieces -U308 -RM8.00

I think this is a lovely piece of magic and I’ve seen it performed by a few other magicians as well as Shawn and always gets a great reaction. This DVD teaches you everything you’ll need plus a template so you can make your own photos. This is such a wonderful way to customise an effect for yourself and give it meaning. This would also be great for trade shows and those times when you need to do something special for a client.
Here is the blurb from
Here’s the killer effect Shawn has kept secret for over a decade. It’s the effect Shawn does when he want to get a client to book him again and again!

Basically a real photograph signed by the spectator is torn into four pieces. The photo is really torn. Then in an instant all four pieces join together but in the wrong order leaving the spectator with a mismatched photo with their signature! That’s right — their signature is on the odd “almost restored” photo.

You get a sample of the photograph, Adobe Photoshop template, jpeg of two additional photos already prepared and a detailed instructional DVD that explains how you can start doing this trick.