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Two Card Mystery

There are two cards are shown. One is a regular bicycle card and the other is blank on both sides. The magician shows both sides of both cards. Nothing fishy here.

The magician slowly slides the regular card over the blank card. Visibly, the blank card now has a back and the card that had the back is now blank! WOW!

The magician is now holding one blank back card and one blank face card. Next he slides the blank back card over the blank face card and the face visibly transfers.

Both the back and the face of the normal card have transferred to the blank card and the original normal card is all blank. You have to see it to believe it! The best part is that you can hand the cards out and they will find nothing!

Two-Card Mysteries is the cleanest, most visual card-printing you will ever see! It is true genius! And, it’s easy to do. No sleight of hand and only two cards are used!