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Las Vegas Dice -U148 -RM7.00

The Effect
You show two flat dice to your spectators. The first die has a “five” on one side and a “two” on the other side. The second die has a “four” on one side and a “three” on the other.

You place both dice in a spectator’s hand. With no funny moves you remove one die. The die is shown both sides… it’s the “four and the three”, leaving the “five and the two” in the spectator’s hand.

Now, with just a wave, the “four and the three” becomes the “five and the two”. The spectator opens his/her hand to find that the “five and the two” that has been in his/her hand the entire time has become the “four and the three”.

  • No funny moves!
  • Easy to perform!
  • Easy re-set for restaurant workers!
  • With just a bit of skill the dice can be handed out for inspection!