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Duck to Rabbit Production Silk -U077 -RM17.00

The performer reaches into his empty hat, ans says he will produce a rabbit. But he only produces a silk, which when opened displays a Duck, and not a rabbit. Surprised, the performer folds the silk, and when he opens it again, the picture of the duck has changed to a rabbit! The change is magical, you just fold the silk in half, and open it again, and it has turned to show the rabbit, even if your audience realizes it is the same picture, turned around!

Produced on super grade silk, approx. 21 inch square, with art work specially done by Tony Dunn, art director of the famous Linking Ring Magazine, this is a production silk that has the extra touch of magic, that your audience will remember, long after they have forgotten all the other flowers and silks. Use it from any production prop.