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Wide Mouth Chop Cup – Aluminium (Silver) – U294 –RM53.00

Same as a regular Chop Cup, but with a wider mouth capable of handling bigger loads…Using only one ball and one cup, the magician places the ball in his/her pocket and it reappears under the cup.  The magician then repeats it, this time lifting the cup to show it empty, taps the cup with his wand and the ball is back again!  For the climax, the small ball disappears only to be replaced by an orange or other large object. This Chop Cup has a very similar feel to a Ken Brooke style Chop Cup.

Wide Mouth Chop Cup comes with 3 1/2″ tall aluminum cup (top diameter is 3 1/2″ wide), 2 crotched balls, and basic instructions.

Highly Recommended