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Manual Hay Cutter -U183 -RM165.00

The spectators will be surprised at the magician’s bravery in performing this exciting spectacle.
The magician shows a guillotine to the audience. Then, he puts some carrots or cucumbers in different parts of the guillotine in order to display that the carrots will be divided into two when he passes the blade through them.

After doing so, he invites one of the spectators to come on the stage for testing not only the correctness of guillotine but also the sharpness of the blade. With the spectator’s increasing fear, the magician puts the spectator’s wrist in the special hole of hand, and locks it. Then, he places one carrot or cucumber in the top hole and another in the lower hole. Slowly and deliberately, the magician gets the blade down.

When the magician performs the action, the spectators can clearly and completely see the blade. He drops the blade down very carefully and slowly and then divides the first carrot into two pieces. When the blade is going to be passed through the spectator’s wrist, it is obviously seen.

At this frightening and exciting moment, the blade has passed through the spectator’s hand, and it is going to divide the lower carrot into pieces. At length, when everything is done, the spectator check his wrist whether it is all right or not.