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Mirror Glass Pro -T166 -RM19.00

The magician shows an empty clear glass, pours orange juice in it. When turning the glass upside down, an orange silk drops instead!!!

The MIRRORed divider is made of a specially manufactured acrylic, with high-resolution MIRRORed film sealed onto both sides, resulting in a near-perfect front-surface reflection. The top edge of the MIRRORed divider is intentionally inset below the top rim of the glass, to help decrease the possibility of “flashing” during performance.

And, both compartments are waterproof, allowing myriad possibilities, including the use of Slush Powder…..

It’s incredible, a classic magic trick allowing for a hundred further uses, yes, that’s it!!!, you can make things vanish,

you can produce others, change colours, etc. all this just with one glass. Manufactured using polycarbonate; tightened, removable, high-level capacity. A true Pro Mirror Glass.