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Conradi Utility Tube -T085 -RM53.00

The Conradi Tube is an utility prop more than a hundred years old, with more potential than most magicians realize. The original apparatus comprised of a glass cylinder, partitioned by a double sided mirror. Modern materials like Acrylic and Perspex makes for a less fragile prop.

The tube we supply is made from Acrylic, far more durable than glass, with Acrylic mirrors. It is a very handy size, for use with large silks, or other items, clearly visible on a stage. We also added to the original concept two flat caps or covers, one or both of which can be used for effects that require this. This enables you to use the tube with confetti, pop corn, beads etc. or cap in a large silk, when the effect so requires. These Caps can easily be pried open, and are a snug fit, and will stay in place under normal handling. With one cap fitted at the bottom, you have the equivalent of a mirror glass, enabling you to perform many of the tricks requiring a mirror glass. The clear cylinder makes for a strong illusion.

You can use the tube to visibly transform Silks to a Blendo or a Flag, make silks multiply, perform an “Acrobatic Silk” or Sponge Ball routine (like the Monkey Bar), separate mixed confetti to separate layers of different colors and much more. Supplied with several routines and application ideas.