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Thought Transmitter -U297 -RM80.00

The Thought Transmitter is an ingenious custom made device that allows you to instantly gain the secret thoughts of another spectator. Or you can give the appearance of you sending thoughts to your spectator. This has now been made possible due to today’s space age technology.

Imagine: You have a spectator write down the name of a playing card, a number, or a symbol on a post-it note that is inside of a totally opaque wallet. The spectator now closes the wallet and places a rubber band around the wallet. You never open the wallet but you know instantly what the spectator has written down. In fact the spectator can seal the wallet in a plastic bag and you could still gain the information!

The Advantages There are no sliding or moving parts! Everything can be freely handle without fear of detection! There are no impressions, carbon paper, nothing stolen, no sleight of hand, no magnets, no center tears! You gain the information instantly in full view of the spectator, and the effect can be repeated! Fools even the most knowledgeable magicians or mentalists!