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Stripe Flip -U27 -RM15.00

This is eye popping, jaw-dropping, astonishing fun trick!!
Magician shows a silk, printed with vertical stripes.

Jokingly, magician crumples silk and then, in an obvious and funny manner, uncrumples it so that stripes now run horizontally.
The audience laughs as the same obvious moves are repeated.

Finally, the magician says, “Now, it’s time for real magic!”

In the next moment, in front of their watchful eyes, the vertical stripes changes to horizontal stripes.

The effect is eye hopping, jaw-dropped, astonishing fun!!

With this item, you can also perform “false Knot”, “Escape”, etc….
Your ideas can easily expand the possibilities!!

The size of silk — 18″ (45cm) x 18″ (45cm)