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Floating Table Super Deluxe -Round -T132 -RM719.00

Anti Gravity Box + Anti Gravity Candlestick

The table appears to be totally normal. Looks like something you might find in the entry hall of a stately manor.Cover the table with a beautiful foulard. Then, together with a spectator or by yourself you can make this table float. It looks wonderful.You can do it totally surrounded!The special gimmick makes it easy to do. It looks like the table is really floating!The table is perfectly balanced and is a dream to use.

Double Gimmicked!! Zombie type Gimmick + 2 Anti-Gravity Devices!!

What you will be given:
Floating Table: High quality handcraft floating table, a must for the performance.
Aluminum suitcase: Super light weight, for carrying and protecting your table.

Table cloth (double layered): Provide your table with a beautiful outlook, also hiding the gimmick inside.

Anti-gravit Wooden box: Allows you to let go of the table without touch the table cloth.

Anti-gravity Candle (Bonus!!) : Just imagine, as the table floats, you are able to let go of the table and light the candle on the table with a match.

Item Detail:

Top Dimensions approximately to 45cm x 33cm

Height (Full Assembled) approximately to 84 cm

Weight approximately to 425g (Table Only)

Beautifully finished with special wood.

Comes with: Table, Cloth, Aluminum Case, Anti-gravity box & Anti-gravity candle.