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Deluxe Head Chopper

The Magician brings out his Assistant or a volunteer from the audience, locks their head securely in the 6 Foot High Guillotine, pulls the pin, the blade goes down through the neck stock and drops out of the lower end of the stock to the bottom of the guillotine.

The effect with this new model is really startling. You can feature it in any show. Use it in a comedy presentation, a dramatic presentation, or as a sensational climax!

It is easier to use and safer than other models that are on the market.

This new model guillotine is sturdily built from Wood, Birch and Oak. It is unfinished and can be finished to your taste.


The Guillotine folds down for easy carrying.
This is a BIG illusion at a small illusion price.
Come with nice carrying case.

If you are looking to add a professional quality illusion to make your show better, this will do the trick.