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Bang Gone, Silk Vanisher -T047 -RM30.00

There are many effects with silks which require the vanish of a silk by your favorite method. The Bang Gone is a very cheap prop which achieves this in a most effective manner. The performer displays a square of colored paper, with a multicolor polka dot design, about 8 inches square. This is folded diagonally to form a cone, and a silk placed in it. The cone is whipped, and explodes with a BANG, the silk has vanished. The sound element makes this a more dramatic vanish than most others. This will vanish a silk up to 12 inches square. As a variation, the apparatus could also be used to change a silk to one of a different color. The Bang Gone we supply is constructed from board, with the pattern silk screened in various colors to give you an attractive and eye catching prop. It has special reinforcement for added life, and some additional features which make the item more practical to use. Bang Gone comes to you complete with instructions. You use it with your own silks.