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Metal Pen thru Anything -U189 -RM13.00

Pass a Pen Thru a Bill Leaving No Holes or Tears! Everything Can Be Inspected! Highly Recommended!!!

The Effect

Imagine yourself borrowing a twenty from a friend… reluctantly she hands over the bill. Just as she�s about to ask why you need it, you confidently shove a pen right through her money!

She sees it… She hears it…

She watches in amazement (her eyes only inches from the bill) as you pull the pen out leaving the twenty completely unharmed.

She snatches the twenty out of your hand and can�t find anything wrong with it. Now she wants to see the pen. No problem,

you hand it to her.

WARNING: Spectators tend to engage in vocalized profanity as the pen challenges every assumption they�ve made about the nature of matter. Do not perform this effect to entertain your buddies during a church service.

Ideal Performance Situations: The effect can be performed almost anywhere. You want your spectator up close where he’s certain nothing can escape his notice. Your transition will be natural because pens and dollars are everywhere. You can set

the entire trick up without the spectator even knowing you�re about to violate the laws of the Universe.

We have fun with this trick at work, bars, restaurants, and on the street.

The spectator is close, the illusion is mind-boggling, and the reaction is huge.

situations for years to come.

Manufacturer Says
This is a stylish metal executive style pen. Self contained. No Switches.