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L.E.D Monte -147 -RM4.00

You have all performed some version of the Three card Trick before… Find The Lady, Chase The Ace etc. Some of you may have even performed the Three Shell Game or Pricking The Garter.
Well now… you can all enter the 21st century with… L.E.D. Monte.

You table a Lithium battery, then remove three small L.E.D. lights from your shirt pocket (or a neat box – if you have one). You then explain that most people have seen a magician perform the Three Card Trick, sometimes called Find The Queen. Well, in this version they don’t have to find the Queen, they have to find the GREEN!
You now touch two of the L.E.D. lights to the battery and… they light up RED. The third L.E.D. lights up GREEN. You next s-l-o-w-l-y mix the L.E.D. lights around and someone tries… to find the GREEN. Try as they may, they will never find it! Unless… you want them to.

Basically, L.E.D. Monte is COMPLETELY under your control. You can either let them win or… let them lose. This is GREAT when you are asked to perform Bunco Booth type magic at a charity event, as you can perform L.E.D. Monte and ALWAYS ensure that the charity makes a tidy profit.

You are supplied with the three special L.E.D lights, and a regular Lithium battery. Basically, everything required to perform L.E.D. Monte immediately.

LED Monte instantly resets making it ideal to do walk around or table hopping. In low lighting this effect looks even better! This makes it the ideal addition to your bar bet repertoire, and being so easy to perform you don’t need to worry about how many drinks you are winning!!


Don’t miss that, Without instructions.The Item is Brand New.