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Folding Key–Porper –U107 –RM15.00

A combination Key in Bottle and Ring off Key created by Pete Biro and Joe Porper!

The Folding Coin is one of the most popular of all gimmicked coins. However, the main problem with the folding coins and keys, was their construction. Sharp edges and a deep cut to hold the rubber band in place caused many failures.
Enter Joe Porper. Joe reinvented the folding apparatus within the key with an entirely different principle. It is truly ingenious. He eliminated the “tell-tale” groove around the edge! All of the work is internal. There is nothing to see. You can let the spectator handle this key without fear of detection. In addition to spare bands, a tool is included to make putting in new bands a snap.

You are supplied with the specially machined folding key along with a duplicate matching ungimmicked key in a leather case. Also included are detailed instructions for a powerful close-up routine wherein a borrowed ring penetrates off a car key and everything is fully examinable!