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Chip Prophecy -Y011 -RM8.00

The magician or performer will show the audience 6 chips in different colors and an envelope and prophecy card inside. The performer or magician can foretell the audience’s inner thoughts in this Chip Prophecy magic trick. Included detailed and illustrated instructions for easy to play.


This Magic Chip Prophecy is one of the most popular effects in the world! The magician freely displays six different colored chips in this Trick Chip Prophecy game.
The chips are then turned face down and mixed up by the spectator. The magician now brings attention to a small envelope which holds his prediction of the color of the chip which will be selected. He then asks a spectator to select one of the chips at random. When the envelope is opened his prediction is proven to be correct.

This Magic Chip Prophecy takes very little sleight of hand and can be mastered in no time.
Free selection – NO FORCING NEEDED!
Chip Prophecy comes with full illustrated bilingual insrructruction(English and Chinese)
Size of chips: diameter 5.0cm x 0.3cm(thickness)

Caution: Not suitable for children under 3 years to play, due to small parts included.