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Thumb Tip, Medium Soft –A209 –RM3.00

These soft, medium-sized thumb tips are realistically designed for all your magical routines. Inside Diameter of thumb tip is 2.2cm and the length is 5cm. This is the SOFT Vernet tip, made of softer plastic than the Standard tip, for more comfort and control. The one “must have” gimmick for every magician! Probably the most popular and most used device in magic, this utility device makes it possible to vanish silks, cigarettes, salt- even water- in your bare hand. You can use it to produce items as well! Keep one of these in every pocket- you’ll use it often! Performance Ideas Make a lit cigarette completely vanish! Make 10 dimes appear from an empty rolled-up dollar bill! Produce a silk handkerchief(sold separately) from thin air! Change a packet of sugar into a sugar cube! Change a few normal coins into a key by “melting” them together in your bare hands! And more! Doing magic with a borrowed cigarette, especially when it vanishes at the end, is a polite and fun way to tell someone “please don’t smoke”. Handy in restaurant situations or anywhere that someone’s smoke is bothering others.