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Hole Surprise

This incredible, absolutely new visual effect!

The magician shows that three cards are absolutely fastened with bolts and nuts.

The center card is a picture card, and the other cards are number cards.

Have audience sign on the face of the picture card.

Square the cards while keep the signed card a little forward of the other cards.

In the next moment, the signed card begins moving even more
forward… in spite of the fact that the cards are bolted…

The signed card completely has moved, and then the magician takes out the nuts and bolt…..

WOW… The hole has moved to the place where the audience has signed on the card!!!

The cards, bolt and nuts are completely examinable.

The card can be given to the audience as the gift!

・ Not to worry about the angle from audience. 360-degree is OK.

・ No reset required.

Comes with the complete gimmick set, (Special Metal Hole Punch….etc) and detailed instructional DVD
Please use your own cards.