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Fire Snowstorm Cannon — Super Deluxe -A079 -RM262.00

Great Magic Electronic

Fire snowstorm cannon

This item is used for special effects,  which operates by a remote control and Foot switch 2 function.  Electronic and Very high quality !  same as pictured

The magician may use it only by his indication  whenever he wishes. This item owns a high quality  and operates precisely and on time. The magician may give the control to any body even out of the  scene and it is activated upon the magician’s indication.  It can operate up to 60 meters far. one  pipes are installed on this set, one  long 6 inchs, which are used in special occasions.  At the end of the pipes he may use flash cotton and special papers on it (snowstorm).
An interesting scene is  made by this wonderful item.
Very high quality props, safe and easy to perform ,
Comes complete with Plastics stand with 1 pipes /barrels , remote control , Foot switch.

Requires Flash Cotton, and 2 battery  –9V alkaline battery  and 12V alkaline battery  not included .