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Fire Flash Illusion -A077 -RM15.00

This is a Gimmick designed to add a dramatic flash to your magic routines anytime you wish , Vanishes quickly and quietly leaving your hands completely empty

The next time you produce umbrella , or fuse torn pieces of paper into the complete piece, or cause the torn corner of a card to weld to the original card, you can have this happen with a dramatic flash that adds greatly to the visual impact of the magic. Pass your hand over an empty production prop, there is a flash and the prop overflows with flowers and silks and doves, and…. Pour loose links into a glass tumbler, – flash and the links are welded in a chain. The uses are limited by your imagination, when you use the Gimmick.

Use it for your dove pan, flash from fingertips, anytime a magical flash is needed. Use anytime during your act. Great for Stage or close-up. This ELECTRO-MECHANICAL device will light flash paper or flash cotton at your pleasure.

Very high quality props Small lightweight gimmick ,Vanishes quickly and quietly leaving your hands completely empty,Self contained, Precious made gimmick,Works with a 9v alkaline battery(not included)

Save your money. Don’t miss that, without instructions.